2016 Honda CRF150R

The 2016 Honda CRF150R might be your best choice, if you put your off-road riding on a whole new level. This bike is the entrance to the off-road racing world. Although it is small, it is huge when it is about performances. With this bike you will be very often on wining podium. Simply, it is the one of the very best in so-called Mini Class, although there isn’t anything mini one these bikes. It is brilliantly designed. It combines simplicity and modern technologies. With great suspension, excellent engine and strong and light chassis, this bike is perfect for you, if you are some who want to be a true winner.

2016 Honda CRF150R design and features

2016 Honda CRF150R

The 2016 Honda CRF150R is a motorcycle that belong to the so-called Mini Class, which goes under 150 cc of engine displacement. However, this bike is huge when it comes to design and performances. Simply, it is an excellent machine, which features light but strong construction, excellent for any task. This chassis features high-tensile steel frame and it will give you a perfect handling, no matter if you are turning or go in straight lines. Also, 2016 Honda CRF150R features excellent suspension. At the front, you will find a 37mm leading-axle inverted Showa cartridge fork, which will give you excellent compression and rebound control. It has total travel of 10.8 inches. At the rear end, there is a ProLink fully-adjustable Showa single shock, with total travel of 10.7 inches. The 2016 CRF150R features large, extremely light but strong wheels, which are very durable and doesn’t bring unnecessary weight.

2016 Honda CRF150R rear view

2016 Honda CRF150R engine

Excellent engine is vital part of the off-road bike and 2016 Honda CRF150R definitely has it. It is a 149cc liquid-cooled, single cylinder, four-stroke engine, which is designed to provide plenty of power and torque. Be sure that this engine will give you excellent response in wide RPM range and, which is equally important, it will work excellent in any weather condition etc. This great engine comes also features a carburetor with “direct push” accelerator pump, which provides even better throttle response. The 2016  CRF150R features great close-ratio 5-speed transmission.

2016 Honda CRF150R price

The 2016 Honda CRF150R comes only in red color, like most of the Honda’s off-road motorcycles. Its price is around 5.000 dollars.

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