2016 Honda CBR500R

The 2016 Honda CBR500R could be perfect choice for you no matter if you are or you are not experienced rider. This bike is some kind of model which enters you to the real sport bike world. It is an excellent street racer. It combines excellent performances and low costs of maintenance. Also, it features great fuel economy. Simply, this bike is designed for different stadiums of riding skills. If you are not so experienced, you will be amazed by easiness of use. On the other side, more experienced ride will find this bike very exciting.

2016 Honda CBR500R design

2016 Honda CBR500R

As we already mentioned, 2016 Honda CBR500R is designed to attract various types of rides. If you are lover of sports bikes, no matter if you are experienced or not, this motorcycle will be great for you. Great thing about this motorcycle is that, despite its easiness of use, it is also very exciting to ride. You definitely won’t outgrow this bike for a very long time. The 2016 Honda CBR500R is a real sports bike. We would say an excellent street racer, which borrows plenty of design solutions from the one of the most iconic supersport bikes CBR600RR.

2016 Honda CBR500R features

It features completely supersport styling, with attractive and aerodynamic bodywork, with plenty of air intakes and similar things. It also features a steel tube frame, which provides fantastic riding feel and superior handling.The 2016 CBR500R is equipped with dual Led headlights which come in new style. Also, instrument panel is completely digital. It includes speedometer, tachometer, clock, trip meter, fuel gauge and average fuel consumption and illuminated engine diagnostic indicators.

2016 Honda CBR500R side view2016 Honda CBR500R engine

The 2016 Honda CBR500R features an excellent parallel twin DOHC engine. This unit is extremely versatile and it will offer you excellent performances across all RPM ranges. Despite plenty of power, this engine is also very economic. Finally if you add programed fuel injection, which optimizes performances in all aspects, it is for sure that all parameter will be raised on even higher level. The 2016 Honda CBR500R comes with excellent six-speed transmission and with ABS as optional feature.

2016 Honda CBR500R colors

2016 Honda CBR500R price

This great bike is also very affordable, if you consider its quality and performances. Base model is expected to go around 6.300 dollars, while model with ABS will stand you for about 500 dollars more. Finally 2016 Honda CBR500R will be available in three colors, Red, Black Matte Metallic and Pearl White.

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3 Responses to 2016 Honda CBR500R

  1. Garry Patten says:


    From what I have read, this bike will be a great bike….its such a pity it is merely a ‘fantasy bike’, as here in Australia ‘available early 2016’ doesn’t actually translate to the first three months of the year. I am sick of waiting!!!!

    I cant get any information about its ‘pending availability’ in Australia which I find pathetic from Honda! If this is the way they treat potential customers, I dread to think how they treat existing customers!!!

    Seriously, the more I look the less impressed I am with Honda’s commitment to customers!

  2. Dave K. says:

    The bike has been available in the USA since 2013. I had been considering the left over 2015’s that are still at the dealers with big price reductions. But with the updates – tank size, gear box, LED lights, and cosmetics, I am now likely to get the 2016 which is now arriving in dealers.

    It is not really a performance bike with under 50 hp, but it is a very good all around bike. I especially like it’s 71 mpg Honda advertised fuel mileage. I have heard of some getting more and that is an upgrade to my Kawasaki KLR650 which I can squeeze up to 63 mpg during a hot summer week. I pretty much only use motorcycles for commuting so the economy part is a bonus.

  3. Audiolad says:

    It’s actually quite heavy at 425 lbs for a 500. It has larger tires than the new Honda R3, but the engine is quite low tech. Maybe Honda Japan should bring this in house to make it as good as their other sport bikes. The dealers in my area can’t keep the R3, but they always have plenty of the 500s. There is a reason why the smaller series is doing well. Maybe a 300 twin with all the technology the other makers have in stead of a bloated 500.

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