2016 Honda CB1000R

If you want a bike which both goes and looks like a beast, 2016 Honda CB1000R is just perfect for you. Simply, you can’t find anything better. This bike is designed to be a fantastic street racer and it definitely is. It combines fantastic naked look with an engine that powers super sport motorcycles such as CBR1000RR. It also light and comfortable. No matter you are going for some fast street ride or some curvy road, this machine will delight you definitely. It is also very comfortable for some longer trips. The 2016 Honda CB1000R is a motorcycle which will give you fantastic performance, great look, high level of comfort, plenty of advanced technologies, and all of that for pretty approachable price.

2016 Honda CB1000R design and features

2016 Honda CB1000R

The 2016 Honda CB1000R is one of the most exciting motorcycles around. It comes with fantastic performances. Also, it comes in pretty unique, naked style. Simply, it is designed for all those who want a bike which has excellent performances but, on the other side, doesn’t want that, we call it, a little bit childish race look. Instead of that, you get a truly wild appearance. There is no place for unnecessary parts, when it is about bodywork. There is no hidden mechanical parts. New Honda CB1000R shows its mighty engine and other mechanical parts. There is no messing around with it. You know what to expect, nothing but fantastic performances, when you see these it. Also, this motorcycle will give you great comfort, thanks to nice saddle and excellent riding position. Also, it is worth to mention that 2016 CB1000R features a uniquely styled LED position light, which instantly shows that this is no ordinary bike. Simply it’s a Honda, and this Honda feature completely digital instrument panel, which shows information like speed, odometer, coolant temperature, clock, trip meter etc.

2016 Honda CB1000R side view

2016 Honda CB1000R engine

This is the most important part of every bike and 2016 Honda CB1000R features an absolutely amazing engine. It is a 999cc liquid-cooled, inline-four engine, which goes together with programed fuel injection that assures excellent response both in low and high RPMs. This excellent engine goes paired with fantastic close-ration six-speed transmission, and the total output is around 125 horsepower.

2016 Honda CB1000R price

The 2016 Honda CB1000R has starting price at around 11.750 dollars and goes in Black/Red color combination.

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